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First book signing!

Thank you Waucoma Bookstore and the Columbia Arts Center for hosting my first book signing! It was so fun ordering the big pile of books, having cards printed, and then a last-minute shopping trip for butterfly paraphernalia. My daughter set up my display while I drove around the block praying for a parking spot in the pouring rain. I made it back just in time–if a little damp–and sat down next to my fellow author, Stephen Holgate, who was really entertaining. He chatted easily about his book with everyone who stopped by, while I struggled to do the same. Somehow sitting behind that table with a stack of my books in front of me felt very much like a lemonade stand of my youth. Bless my sweet friends who eased the social awkwardness by stopping by and letting me forget what I was doing for a bit!


Book Three has begun!

In the wee hours of this morning, I finally started writing a story that has been churning in my head for years. Granted, I’ve only written the first page, but Book Three of The Winged series has officially begun! And I was so giddy about it, that I considered waking up my family and making them read it. But it was 2:15 a.m., so I resisted (such self control!).

Why am I writing Book Three when Book Two of The Winged isn’t published yet? Because Book Two is currently in the hands of my clever and insightful beta readers; I’m waiting on their feedback before I do any more editing. But not to worry, Book Two is coming soon!