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I have cover art for Book 2!!!

Tonight I picked up the two paintings that will become the cover art for Lexi Monarch: Book Two of the Winged! I am so excited! When I look at the face that the very talented Angela Bruggeman painted, I think: “Yes! That’s what Lexi looks like!” It is such a joyful feeling to see the character I imagined come to life in paint! 😀 Giddy happy dance!


First school assembly!

Thank you Patricia Acosta for taking the picture! 🙂

Okay, not really my first, but it is the first school assembly where I was invited to talk about my book, writing, and publishing. 😎 It began with inquisitive kindergartners who desperately wanted to touch the cover painting and take a business card (oh well, I had lots). The older kids seemed to enjoy it, especially once I broke out the candy (at the beginning; I’m a briber). Inviting them to practice their fake laughs so they could describe what it sounded and looked like may have been a bad idea—waving the remaining candy was required to restore calm. Note to self for next time: handouts create commotion, freebies create pandemonium (save them for the very end!). Not sure if I’ll get a chance to do it again, but it sure was fun! 😀