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Book Three has begun!

In the wee hours of this morning, I finally started writing a story that has been churning in my head for years. Granted, I’ve only written the first page, but Book Three of The Winged series has officially begun! And I was so giddy about it, that I considered waking up my family and making them read it. But it was 2:15 a.m., so I resisted (such self control!).

Why am I writing Book Three when Book Two of The Winged isn’t published yet? Because Book Two is currently in the hands of my clever and insightful beta readers; I’m waiting on their feedback before I do any more editing. But not to worry, Book Two is coming soon!



Book Two is Done! Sorta :)

Giddy squee! I just finished my first draft of Book Two!!! And it only took me seven years! No, it doesn’t normally take that long. I just stopped writing Book Two so I could edit and publish Book One, and then I got a little distracted by life. So thank you to all those who have read Elissa Blue: Book One of The Winged, and keep asking me when Book Two is coming out. Apparently I need that kind of pressure to get it done. On to editing! 😀

I’m on fire (figuratively)!

Summer went out in a blaze of glory! Okay, it was just a blaze. Actually, it’s a really big forest fire that may or may not burn my house down. Good times. Outside the air is so smoky it’s like breathing chalk (please don’t be imagining me with a piece of chalk up each nostril). But! I have found time to write every day lately, and it feels wonderful! I still don’t know quite how book two of The Winged series is going to end, but I think I’m almost there. If I’m not, it’s going to be a very long book as it’s already well over 100,000 words! 😮