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Puppy to the rescue!

Photo courtesy of Britanie Rains & Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahuas

It was a sad Christmas break at the Perry household. Everyone got the flu, and then our 14-year-old dog died. She was such a sweetie, and we all feel a little lost without her. Bless my husband for finding Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahuas, and an adorable puppy named River. We have to wait a month before she’s old enough to bring home, but the breeder (Britanie Rains) keeps sending us videos and pictures that are bringing us great comfort and hope. If you’ve ever lost a dog, I’m so sorry! Hopefully there’s a puppy in your future, too. 🙂


Now available on Kobo :)

kobo-elissa-blueIf you’re Canadian, you’re probably familiar with Kobo, the biggest ebook seller in Canada, and second biggest in the world (behind Amazon). Since their setup for authors is delightfully quick and easy, I signed up a couple of hours ago and my book is already available for sale. 😀 Yay Kobo! Here’s the link:



Derailed By Injury

Though I had intended to clean up my manuscript, shoot it off to two carefully-chosen publishers, and finish writing the sequel, life has a way of fouling my intentions. Thanks to a squirrely inner-ear, I had some bad falls skiing, then I did a face plant on the tennis court. The latter broke the bone under my eye and damaged the nerves in my face. The recovery has been slow and painful. I essentially spent 3 weeks in bed with a cold pack over half my face. Even reading has seemed strenuous. I’m finally out of the enigmatic brain fog of codeine, and starting to get back to a normal routine, but I haven’t touched my books since that first fall. 😦 The longing to write is poking at my brain like a persistent woodpecker. Tomorrow, I will give in. 🙂